Technical Support Engineer

 Poughkeepsie, NY
 21 days ago

Headquarters: Poughkeepsie, NY

As a Technical Support Engineer for HelpSpot, our help desk software application, you’ll have the unique opportunity to directly impact the happiness and growth of our customer base by providing world-class technical support.

Our product is mission-critical to our customers’ businesses. As such, the Technical Support Engineer’s role is key as an initial point of contact with all current and prospective customers

This is a unique role for an exceptional individual with the technical chops and people skills needed to work closely with customers on challenging technical issues.


* Answer support inquiries ranging from installation to usage and optimization.
* Help on-premise customers with installation and configuration issues on Windows and Linux via email/phone/Zoom.
* Fix a HelpSpot Cloud instance that is having an SSL certificate issue.
* Document bugs and feature requests.
* Help a customer create the right ticket filter to bring up the information they need for a report to their management.


* Write product documentation.
* Assist with product testing on new releases.
* Assist with support within our family of products (Thermostat, LaraJobs, and Laracon).
* Contribute to product design meetings as a customer advocate.
* Run training sessions with customers.
* Make code changes to HelpSpot.

Role requires:

* Patience and empathy.
* A passion for solving challenging problems.
* A solid understanding of Windows and Linux.
* Experience with the internet stack (network, web server, application, database).
* Experience with PHP.
* Experience with B2B software and ideally using help desk software.
* Excellent written and communication skills.
* Knack for making technical jargon accessible.

Ideal candidates:

* Have supported software using PHP/Laravel/Wordpress on Windows/Linux
* Have experience providing technical support to customers via telephone and email
* Have mastered various B2B software applications to a level where they could train others
* Have an entrepreneurial spirit
* Are in a US or EU timezone

Salary and Benefits

* Salary: $90,000
* Half-day Fridays
* 100% of the employee's medical, dental, and vision premium (US-based employees)
* Start with 3 weeks of paid time off
* 3% of your salary contributed to 401k (US-based employees)
* Top-of-the-line Apple hardware provided
* Fully remote with flexible start/end times

About UserScape

We are the people behind HelpSpot, LaraJobs, Laracon, Thermostat, and a few more things! We’ve been bootstrapped, profitable, and fully remote since 2005.

We’re a company of 3 full-time (soon to be 4!) and 2 part-time employees. All of us have an entrepreneurial spirit and can-do attitude to get the job done. We all work hard on the clock but respect and offer employees an outstanding work/life balance where time off, side project work, and part-time businesses are fully supported.

We’re significant advocates for open source software and many of our products directly support the open source community.

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