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 Seller Labs
 Athens, GA
 14 days ago

Headquarters: Athens, GA

Seller Labs is an industry leader that provides merchants with advertising, keyword and product research, product review, seller feedback, and business intelligence solutions. We work with over 35,000 Amazon third party sellers who had over $20 Billion in sales in 2020. Seller Labs was recently ranked #148 on Inc 500’s annual list of top privately owned companies.

At Seller Labs, our core infrastructure is built upon AWS. The Site Reliability Engineer is responsible for maintaining our AWS infrastructure, establishing monitoring and alerts, and providing tools for our engineering team members to ensure that our applications are available, monitored, and secure.

Primary Responsibilities/Essential Functions

○ This position will involve new feature development as well as maintenance and bug fixes in our production application. You’ll report directly to the product manager and work in a small, remote, distributed team.

○ Take ownership of development tasks, both new features and investigating defects, and follow them through to their conclusion. 
○ Do technical research of existing code and architecture.
○ Assess the best tools and process to implement a solution.
○ Work with Systems Team, QA, and Customer Success as needed through to deployment.
○ Work with your product manager and team to give technical insight on new ideas.
○ Promote, follow, and help develop internal coding standards, design guidelines, and recommended development processes and best practices.
○ Review your coworkers' code and get feedback on your own with respect and thoughtfulness. Continue to build our strong and encouraging culture of reviews.
○ Discuss and implement architectural standards and software design decisions with research and coordination with other experienced engineers.
○ Continue learning independently about the languages, frameworks, and tools that you use.

Role Type: (Choose one): Data Engineering, Data Science, DevOps, Fullstack, Fullstack (Backend-heavy), Fullstack (Frontend-heavy), Machine Learning, Mobile, Web Backend, Web Frontend, Other
○ Fullstack (Backend-heavy


  • Relevant Experience
    • 2-5 years
  • Technical Skills
    • Solid foundational knowledge of Internet and web application fundamentals
    • Working knowledge of common AWS features such as EC2, S3
    • Experience, or ability to learn up other AWS services quickly. We regularly use ECS (containers), CloudFormation, CloudWatch, SQS and many other services.
    • Understand Shell Scripts, Python for day-to-day duties. Ability to follow what PHP and Java code does.
    • Foundational knowledge of MySQL
  • Communication Skills
    • Fluent in written and spoken English. Will work with colleagues in other parts of the world
  • Travel Requirements
    • None, remote
  • Not Required, but Plus
    • A geek of some kind

There are many reasons to come work for us but we’ll just list a few:

  • Fully remote position
  • Highly competitive pay
  • 4% 401k match
  • 70-100% employer-paid health coverage
  • Results only work environment
  • Unlimited vacation policy
  • Awesome events (When possible)
What does all that mean? It means we want you to be successful and fulfilled; to be happy and to grow. We are trying hard to be one of the best places to work in the world, and we pride ourselves on doing more for our people. We have some amazing people here and are excited to talk to you more about joining us. Are you ready?


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