Senior PHP Developer

 7 months ago

Headquarters: 100% remote

We’re looking for an experienced PHP developer who wants to invest their expertise into giving thousands of people the opportunity to build advanced WordPress websites without programming by maintaining and adding small new features to our Toolset product known all over the world.

If you would like to join a stable company and work hand-in-hand under the mentorship of the lead developer of Toolset and foster your professional development – we are anticipating your application!

What strong skills we’re looking for in a PHP developer
  • PHP, with experience on legacy versions (7.0 minimum, 5.6 is a plus) as well as new versions (8.x).
  • JavaScript, including legacy libraries (like jQuery), vanilla JavaScript, and React (and real experience in its usage in the WordPress blocks editor).
  • Dependency managers, including Composer for PHP and NPM for JavaScript.
  • Debugging tools: XDebug, browser console.
  • Testing and code quality tools: PHPUnit, PHPStan, PHPCS, Codeception.
  • Version control using Git.
  • Experience with GitLab (CI/CD, pipelines, jobs, configuration files) or any other similar tool. 

Role expectations and responsibilities will align with short-,mid- and long-term goals

Short-term goals:
  • Get used to a large codebase with lots of inner connections that uses a wide number of different languages and techniques.
  • Be able to work on issues in our most challenging plugins with the largest user base (Views/Blocks, Forms) with supervision: code reviews, and periodic mentoring.
Mid-term goals:
  • Triage newly created tickets based on their severity and reach, working together with Support on prioritization, executions, and delivery.
  • Be able to work on general issues with little-to-no supervision, with specific feedback on complex tasks and topics.
Long-term goals:
  • Take care of the legacy Codeception tests for Toolset. Consolidate passing tests, and evaluate failing tests: discard, fix, rewrite. This is a long task so it should spread as a short, mid, and long goal, but starting ASAP.
  • Track and preview changes from the platform (WordPress) and how they affect the compatibility of the plugins. This is also an ongoing goal from day 1.

What we offer
  • 100% remote position,
  • Full-time position with paid public holidays, vacation, and sick leave,
  • Paid sabbatical (yes, most people in our team stick with us for years!),
  • Being part of a team of smart, self-driven individuals,
  • Great opportunity to progress and advance,
  • Collaborating with team members across the globe.

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