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 3 years ago

Headquarters: USA
URL: http://vidalytics.com/

If you want to join a profitable, high-growth, bootstrapped MarTech SaaS, where you will lead our talented engineering team and be tasked with shipping code quickly and scaling the team as well as the product, then this is THE job for you. 

We’re Vidalytics.com. A video marketing platform for entrepreneurs. We’re 5 years old 🎂, growing 50-100% per year. 

At a glance… 💪

  • You will be the highest-ranking tech person on the team 
  • Report to the CEO, with support from our Head of Product 
  • The entire company will support you to make you successful in this role 
  • Kickass, and you’ll grow into an executive tech role as we continue to scale

What will it be like working at Vidalytics? 💻

This is actually a rare chance to step into a leadership role in a startup, where you can grow with us, but all the early pain of getting product-market fit, revenue, profitability and the team is already done. We’ve really done all of the hard work for you! You just need to show up and run the thing. 

Also, we are a team of easy-going, smart and hard-working people who are building a product we believe in.

  • Get experience with video delivery, big data, high load infrastructure, microservices and MarTech SaaS.
  • You will NOT be micromanaged. You will be your own boss to work how you like (aside from the specific deliverables of this job – see below!) 
  • This isn’t a hobby project, it is a complex system at scale. You’ll constantly be learning and will never get bored at work again! 
  • You can work anytime you want, aside from a few meetings with the rest of the team. Just get your work done.
  • Educational budget for you to learn new topics.

Your New Tech Team & Stack 🚀

Our hiring philosophy is simple: hire good people who are great at their craft. Give them fun problems to solve. Trust them to be their best. It’s a level of autonomy and respect that’s helped us bootstrap to 7 figures in revenue profitably in the very crowded video marketing space. We’re a small team of about 10 team members (growing quickly, though) who are located all around the globe. 

The engineering team is entirely in Eastern Europe (from Poland to the Balkans to Ukraine). 

Your new tech team includes: 👻😎
  • 3 Sr Backend Engineers
  • 1 Sr Frontend Engineer
  • 1 Mid Frontend Engineer
  • 1 QA Manager 
  • 1 Head of Product 
  • DevOps will likely be handled by an outside agency with the goal of bringing it in-house in the medium term 

Tech Stack: 
  • GCP Infrastructure 
  • PHP is the dominant language 
  • 80% Microservices / 20% Monolith
  • Monolith wrote in Zend with Symfony Components 
  • Angular web app
  • Typescript & VanillaJS player
  • Some Golang and Node.js in a few places 
  • BigQuery, MySQL databases 

Work at Scale! 

Every month Vidalytics is doing… 
  • 10s of millions of video plays
  • 1 billion requests to our data loggers 
  • Just under a petabyte in bandwidth transfer 

Last year, we tracked 140 million people who watched videos hosted on our platform

Who You Are (Personality Type) 🦁
  • You are super tech-savvy — especially with our tech stack: PHP, microservices & GCP.  
  • You’ve run tech teams in the past, scaled them and had them deliver code regularly. 
  • Agile is your middle name — you keep everything in Jira, with estimates, you use standups, and can tell us a velocity we can rely on. 
  • Accountable to deadlines and results. You get results, even when the unexpected arises. 
  • Team empowerment approach of guiding team members, not command and control, but constantly raising the collective knowledge of the team, so they can see the big picture.
  • You have strong emotional intelligence (EQ) 
  • You know how to handle tough convos, even under pressure;  you do not get stressed out, angry or attack anyone. 
  • You know how to manage a variety of different personality types, from different cultures both above and below you in the org chart. 
  • You embody Vidalytics’ values (see below, and no these aren’t just things we say to sound good, they are how we run the company) 
  • You work full time.
  • You are reliable. You show up when you say you will, and get shit done. 
  • Ownership & accountability — you take ownership of issues and see them through to the end. Even if they “don’t belong to you.” 
  • “Figure it out” skill - you can dive into code you haven’t seen before and debug even the most gnarly of problems. 

What You’ll Be Doing (Job Tasks) 😃

Manage Product Delivery — you ship features fast with minimal bugs or scalability issues, and work with our Head of Product to make sure estimates are as accurate as possible. 

Be the ultimate authority on our system (in time) — for how it works, so that you can dive in and help unravel any gnarly bugs and issues. 

Architecture — you’ll ensure our codebase is scalable. 

Lead & manage the tech team — you’ll be on top of all people’s work, deadlines and can answer why something is taking too long. 

Head up of tech strategy — you’ll need to balance between features and tech debt. While delivering value to our users and making sure our product is still reliable. 

Avoid excessive complexity and over-engineering — our system is complex, but we need it as simple as possible so that we can easily manage it and find engineers who can help. 

Hire new engineers — Our recruiter will supply you with candidates, your job will be to interview, evaluate and hire the best ones. 

Final line of support — you’ll be Tier 4 of support only for really gnarly bugs. When this comes up, you train the team and document the fix so we have a lasting solution for the next time it comes up. 

Empower and scale the team — We have great devs. Your job is to get them what they need with minimal hand-holding. 

We’d Love to Hear From You If (Job Requirements) 👊🏻
  • You’re a technical genius 
  • You’re an expert in PHP 
  • You’ve built apps on GCP & Kubernetes  
  • You’ve led & scaled tech teams before
  • You’re willing and able to get your hands dirty with the codebase 
  • You’re familiar with our tech stack 
  • You know how to ship code fast without any major issues 
  • You’re terrified of downtime
  • You’re able to work at least half the day during Central / Eastern European time zone 

What You’ll Love About Us (Benefits and Perks) 😉
  • Work stays at work. We promote a healthy work/life balance to help ensure you have the time that you need. We encourage no more than a 40-hour workweek.
  • Great company culture. You’re going to be part of a team, not a cog in a machine. 
  • We’re here to enable you. It’s your work and your career. Our management team is here to help you become who you want to be, not to micromanage you.
  • We value your ideas. At Vidalytics, our doors are always open. Need help? Come on in. Have a vision for the future of the company? We’d love to hear it. 
  • Rest and relaxation. Employees enjoy 10 days of PTO per year. 
  • Professional development. Want to continue your education? Vidalytics pays for classes, conferences, and more.
  • You’re more than an employee, you’re a person. Every co-worker you’ll meet is committed to treating you with respect and kindness. You won’t hear stuff like, “It’s just business.”

Vidalytics’ Values 
(Yes, We’re Actually Serious About These) 😇

1 - Meritocracy – we’re building a Meritocracy, where the best ideas win -- not based on who has the bigger title. The following values underpin this. You should embody these traits. 

2 - Direct & honest communication (transparency) – to be successful we have to face the truth and be honest. And that starts with each other. That means we give direct feedback. We want it in exchange. So feel free to argue your points, just be ready to get on board with decisions once they are made. 

3 - Ownership & Accountability – the best people are the ones who OWN their position, tasks and even things that go beyond their ‘ day-to-day responsibilities'. They never say, “that’s not my job.” Instead, they proactively spot problems and always try to think like the owner of the business. 

4 - Intelligence and smarts – we prize smart people. Who doesn’t? But it's not just book smarts but “business smarts” where you’re able to solve problems. Think for yourself. And don't be intimidated by any problem, no matter how complex. (Aka growth mindset). 

5 - Self-aware (personal growth) – we want people who can look at themselves objectively, admit their mistakes and be open to growth. When you bring this attitude to your profession, it becomes a place of personal development and self-actualization. 

6 - Integrity – trust is the glue that holds us together. We need to be able to trust you whether it is regarding the quality of your hours, the deadlines you set for yourself or anything else. 

7- Urgency – we’re a startup and you need to be able to meet deadlines. We need someone who pushes themselves when they need to and hits deadlines. And also knows how to prioritize the important things. 

8 - Hardworking – we’re trying to get shit done on a budget. If you’re looking for an easy job, go elsewhere. Instead, this job will constantly have challenges and opportunities to learn and grow professionally. But we try to have fun while we’re doing it and consider each other friends. 

9 - Data – whenever possible, we want to make decisions based on data, not emotions or opinions. 

10 - No assholes – Doesn’t matter how good someone is at their job, if they are going to make life suck for other people on the team, then it won’t work. 

To Apply: 

If this sounds like the role for you, we'd LOVE to hear from you. Please get in touch!

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/vidalytics-head-of-engineering-gcp-php-martech-video-saas

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